Quality Assurance

Cambio Lingua

The company is certified ISO since 1994, nowadays according to ISO 9001:2015 e la IATF 16949:2016, the Quality System guarantees a punctual survey of the production.

The constant effort in advanced technology research is the flagship of the activity, which is expressed in large investments not only in technologically advanced machinery, but also in the machining support processes . Great efforts have been made ​​for example in offline programming and simulation, which allows to reduce startup time and production mistakes.

  • NDT Testing

    Second level MPI and PT testing.

  • Trimos Calibration Bench

    Trimos Calibration Bench for the calibration of linear control instruments.

  • Metrology Room

    Metrology Room view.

  • Measuring Machines

    DEA 3D Machines equiped with Reinishaw head.

  • Taylor Hobson

    RoundnessMeter for compressor discs Run.out.

  • Hardness Testing

    Brinell Hardness Testing with elettronic print reader.