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Our history

Officina Meccanica Roselli was established in 1914 by the entrepreneurial initiative of its founder, Pietro Roselli. The business has progressively consolidated thanks to the commitment of four generations and the passion for mechanics, handed down from father to son, overcoming difficult times, such as the dark periods of the Second World War, the hardships of economic crises and the challenge of rising globalisation. A century of business that has always remained under the same family leadership and that passes on its passion and experience from generation to generation.

The company today

After having celebrated the important milestone of 100 years of uninterrupted business, the Roselli family’s entrepreneurial tradition is now carried on by four of the founder’s great-grandchildren. The third generation, despite now moving at a slower pace, is still committed to the company and continues to be a point of reference. Thanks to important production investments and a solid experience in the mechanical processing sector, the company presents itself as a lean and versatile business, which has expanded into many sectors: from the historical automotive, to the most recent oil & gas, to nuclear, also specialising in the creation of niche products such as cams for combined drawing machines. Investments in the last five years have mainly focused on the Oil & Gas sector, with particular attention to finishing tough materials such as stainless steel or Inconell 625 (including moulded). With their accumulated experience, the company can also supply special parts ready for assembly including specific coatings, through special thick paints, which have multiple purposes: from facilitating component sliding, to protection from external agents up to resistance to extreme temperature, humidity and salinity conditions.

Innovative for our future

With the construction of the new plant in Villa Carcina (BS), the acquisition of new milling and turning machining centres, the optimisation of management processes and interconnection, today the company is an icon of excellence in the mechanical processing sector and aims to increase its presence in foreign markets. Thanks to technological and design development, Officina Meccanica Roselli operates on the market as a complete, professional partner able to create customised and unique products. The business strategy looks to the future by enhancing its “human capital”, through engagement, sharing objectives and improving skills; respect for the environment is guaranteed through energy savings and procedures for recycling processing waste.

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