Experience, professionalism, latest generation technology and dynamism represent the winning combination that today allows Officina Meccanica Roselli to manage the main precision mechanical processes in many sectors and especially on large components.

Customised milling, turning, boring and accessory machining are carried out in the new plant.

The machining centres can process components up to dimensions of just over 3 metres, with a range from 3 to 5 machining axes, all multi-palletised to optimise production changes. Many machines are equipped with a horizontal and vertical head and 4 machines have a tilting head for maximum flexibility.

All types of metals are processed, with special attention given to especially challenging ones, thanks to particularly powerful and extremely rigid machinery.

Main processes



Milling is a chip removal process that is used to create surfaces, shoulders and grooves using multi-cutting cutters. The workshop’s milling capacity is considerable thanks to machines designed to have top performance and to the collaboration with the best tool manufacturers.



The boring process creates precise diameters by widening; in this field as well, the site’s machines provide excellent performances.


Machining centres with turning head

The technology of turning heads on machining centres consists of special spindles with a controlled rotating axis, which allows turning on a stationary piece, particularly suitable for making seats and recesses.


Vertical turning

Turning is a chip removal carried out through the rotation of the piece to be machined while the cutting tool remains stationary. Vertical turning, in particular, rotates the piece on a vertical axis and is mainly suitable for pieces with a diameter that is proportionally larger than the length. Officina Meccanica Roselli can turn pieces up to 3.6 metres, up to a height of 2 metres.

Officina Meccanica Roselli uses
Trevisan, Mandelli, Toshulin and Pama machining centres.

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